Option A

Option B

Affordable Green Classrooms

  • Designed and built for the health & comfort of students, teachers and our planet.
  • First portable net zero energy classroom.
  • California DSA Approved PC
  • Piggybacks available

State-of-the-art Classrooms

  • The most teachable unit
  • Great site lines
  • Light and airy
  • Proper acoustics, easy on the voice
  • Insulation, windows, HVAC and finishes all designed to make our classrooms as quiet as possible
  • CHPS package available
  • For Districts that qualify a $250,000 HPI State Grant is available
  • Reduced loads allow for affordable grid tied solar electric system to easily produce as much energy as the classroom consumes.
  • Excess energy can be credited to other buildings on same meter
  • Interior mounted inverter allows for students to track energy production and consumption.
  • Students & teachers working in real life science lab

"Buildings that produce as much energy as they consume"

Designed for teachers and students

The Healthiest Portable Classroom Ever

  • 3 levels of air purification
  • Low or non VOC finishes and materials
  • Reduced sick days for students and staff equal higher ADA funding and reduce costs
  • Steel moment frame construction
  • Built for safety in class 5 hurricane, an 8.0 earthquake and most kindergarten classes